hand-forged candlesticks

Balanced Candlesticks

hand-forged balanced candlesticks

The "Balanced" candlestick design is one of the finest and most popular designs ever forged by Smyth Boone. The design is all about relationship. Start at the top of one of the candles' flame, follow the graceful line down as it peacefully and gracefully interacts with the other upright stem in a revolving spiral motion, then keep following the line down further to the study circular base - next the line leads you up the other upright stem, interacting independently and together simultaneously up, up, up, to the flame again.

"The 'Balanced' candlestick design is interactive art that expresses harmony of design and function simultaneously, while being a personal reflection of every individual and couple that sees it."
~ Smyth Boone

hand-forged balanced candlesticks

The "Balanced" candlestick has been a very popular wedding gift for numerous years now.

Every candlestick is designed, forged and signed individually by Master Blacksmith, Smyth Boone.

Dimensions : Approximately 21" tall with two candles and an 8" diameter base.

Hand Forged Balanced Candlestick

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