hand-forged candlesticks

Hand-Forged Candlesticks

Hand-forged candlesticks make excellent gifts!

hand-forged candlesticks

I am offering three special designs for the season which have been successful forgings for me over the past 17 years. Each candlestick has it's own personality and adds a graceful and beautiful element to any interior decorating scheme.

The three successful designs gracefully move your eyes from the unusual and attractive scroll at the base, following the sensual, delicate movement up to the forged candle saucer/cup, then further upward to the candle - all to be topped off with your flame!

The candlestick designs lend themselves to being viewed from any location. They are great for centerpieces and fireplace mantels. The successful designs become more and more attractive as the years go by!

The "Balanced" and "Single-stem" design candlesticks are featured accents in the newly built Mountaineer Lodge in Crested Butte, Colorado! Ninety rooms are graced with Boone's Hooks hand-forged candlesticks.

The "Balanced" candlestick has been a very popular wedding gift for numerous years now.

Every candlestick is designed, forged and signed individually by Master Blacksmith, Smyth Boone.

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