hand-forged hardware and accessories


"Is Smyth Boone a consummate craftsman taking the ancient skills of blacksmithing into the realm of art? Or is he a master artist working skillfully with extremely difficult materials? He's both of course, and also… it doesn't matter. Smyth's lifelong devotion to the forge has taken him beyond questions of art and craft, and he is able to express his thought in iron as easily as a poet uses words. But words are flimsy, insubstantial things compared to his satisfying creations."

Angus Stocking, creator of Belief Systems and Other B.S.

hand-forged designer hooks

"Smyth Boone creates heart felt quality work. I have sold Boone’s forgings for at least 8 years. People in my store recognize true blacksmith work compared to stamped-out, factory manufactured work produced cheaply. People want high quality craftsmanship for their homes and Smyth provides this value in his work. I really feel proud of Smyth’s work."

Lupita, owner of Lupita’s Bizarre Bazaar, Ridgway, Colorado

"Artistically crafted by hand, functional and beautiful. These hooks are exceptional. Smyth's attention to detail and creative talent sets his hooks apart from all the rest."

Patty Naft, Graphic Designer

"Smyth: I LOVE the towel ring. I will install it tonight......it looks wonderful in my kitchen......I hope you sell zillions of these & will do my part to make that happen."

Sally Nibbelink, Berthoud, Colorado

"Smyth Boone: Hey, I just wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU! I just received your hooks the other day and I LOVE them!! I’m building a new bathroom in my oversized closet and they are going to ‘set the décor’. They’re gonna be perfect! It’s really funny how I found you on Craig’s List by accident... placed an order... and they are now just sitting in my house waiting to be put in when everything is done. Thanks again! I’m trying to show them to everyone so that they too will place an order. "

Ana, Annapolis Maryland