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Why Boone's Hooks

Leaf Hooks Cosmos Hooks Smoke Hooks

Since 1991, I have been creating art utilizing my inherited talents and skills in the craft of forging hot iron, blacksmithing. I thoroughly enjoy this amazing, ancient art form. I am always increasing my knowledge and respect for this incredible and noble medium.

hand-forged designer hooksA few of my forgings in the last fifteen years have included originally designed candlesticks, dancing forged figures, housewares, gates, hand forged railings, chandeliers, a crazy one-of-a-kind hot-tub-towel holding tree sculpture featuring forged lizards and spiders, and hooks with either a leaf, cosmos or smoke design.

One forging I have always had a great demand for is my forged hooks. The leaf hook design has only changed slightly over the past 15 years, and now I have added the cosmos and smoke designs. I have always enjoyed making hooks because they are a good exercise in hand forging.

Another design highlight, for me, is that the hooks are an excellent example of how fire and forging can transform one simple piece of iron into a beautiful functional piece of art.

I am proud to present my hooks and other forgings to you as an example of well designed, well executed forgings that enhance your space through form and function making life more interesting and therefore more valuable.

Thank you for your support, Smyth Boone