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Smyth Boone - Artist


M. Smyth BooneSmyth Boone is an eighteenth generation blacksmith - a family legacy that goes back to the time of the Vikings and includes noted explorer Daniel Boone.

Smyth has been forging for over twenty years, creating large architectural commissions, and has recently launched this successful international hand-forged product line, Boone's Hooks.

Unique designs and talented forgings have led to many notable publications of Smyth’s work that can be seen in books, magazines, and on the Internet. Smyth’s work has also been featured in international invitational art museum shows that highlight contemporary blacksmithing.

Smyth has presented public and trade lectures on the art and craft of contemporary and historical blacksmithing. Smyth shares his skills with blacksmith communities throughout the United States and Canada by teaching at blacksmith conferences, art and craft schools, and by publishing articles on design and technique.

M. Smyth Boone

Artist’s Statement

"The artist blacksmith has a unique variety of forging techniques that are specific to the craft of blacksmithing. Forged textures, joinery, forge welding, and the ability to transform metal are some examples. In my work, I highlight these many techniques through composition and execution of a project. The resulting effect expresses harmony of design and function with regard to the integrity of the medium."

Selected Publications

  • A Heritage in Iron by Rafael Routson, Double Shoe Cattle Company 2004
  • The Contemporary Blacksmith by Dona Z. Meilach, Schiffer Publishing Limited 2000

Selected Periodicals

  • The Anvil's Ring (the quarterly publication of the Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America)
  • Architectural Digest
  • Anvil Magazine
  • Colorado Creative Living
  • Mountain Living
  • Colorado Homes and Lifestyles

Selected Art Gallery Exhibits

  • The invitational Contemporary American Blacksmith’s Exhibit at the Kentucky Museum of Arts 2005
  • The invitational Ancient Futures: The Art of the Blacksmith at the Third Millennium at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design 2001
  • Featured artist at the Spring Show 2005 at Abend Fine Art Gallery in Denver, Colorado

Selected Demonstrations

  • 1998 Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America Bi-annual Conference in Asheville, N.C.
  • International CanIron2 Conference in Saskatchewan, Canada 2002
  • 25th anniversary of California Blacksmith's Association 2004

Select Portfolio

This select portfolio is a sampling of the large body and variety of forged iron work M. Smyth Boone has created in his successful blacksmithing carrier that began in 1991. To see more of Smyth’s impressive creations, please visit www.booneshooks.com/sculptureshow.html and www.smythboonewroughtiron.com

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Nibbelink Fireplace Doors
Nibbelink Fireplace Doors
Nibbelink Fireplace Doors detail
Nibbelink Fire Door Detail
One-Piece Candlestick
One Piece Candlestick
Morning Star Stair Railing
Morning Star Stair Railing
Sax-a-ma-phone Forged Figure Sculpture
"Sax-a-ma-phone" Forged Figure Sculpture
Bennett Fire Doors
Bennett Fire Doors
Dashwood Sconces
Dashwood Sconces